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No posts in a while. Things have been pretty busy and I’m about to go on paternity leave, so this has dropped down my list of things to do. I’ve been having a bit of a think about how things develop as well, as the longer essay type post is becoming difficult to produce as regularly as I’d like. As a move towards something a bit more do-able, I thought I’d try something a bit different to normal.
With the Hackgate story still in full flight, and the ongoing ‘it doesn’t matter how shit things get, as long as we get the cost down’ policies of the Ryanair coalition, a few things seem interesting and timely.

First is the edition of Novara, broadcast weekly on Resonance FM, where Federico Campagna of Through Europe gives a history of the Italian Autonomia movement. The parallels between the austerity measures of the Italian coalition and now are fairly obvious, and Autonomia provides some interesting approaches to resistance, particularly in relation to everyday practice rather than big revolutionary gestures. The programme isn’t archived on the Resonance FM site, but can be found here.

The ‘creative’ wing of Autonomia in particular seem worthy of further investigation, especially with an eye on independent contemporary graphic design. I think there’s a lot that could apply to the sort of critically engaged design practice that’s often talked about, but rarely seen. One of it’s key figures, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, has an interesting article in the latest eflux journal about rethinking the university. Well worth a read.

Deterritorial Support Group (DSG), have a load of stuff on their blog relating to Campagna’s Novara broadcast in particular, and Autonomia in general. Occupying a space somewhere between Metahaven and Lulzsec, DSG have been behind a lot of things that have taken my interest recently, in particular breaking the Johann Hari story, not for plagiarism, as much of the media coverage suggested, but for taking quotes a book on Antonio Negri and using them as answers in an ‘interview’ with Hari, significantly changing their meaning in the process – not great when you consider that Negri was wrongly imprisoned for some of the things Hari accused him of. They also helped popularise the meme that Lady Gaga had struck up an unlikely friendship with Slavoj Zizek. There’s a Dazed article on DSG here, but you’re better off heading to their blog and twitter feed. Try not to click on any goatse links.

Finally, I met my wife on the recent teacher’s strike in Birmingham and snapped this shot, which I thought was quite funny.

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